After we made the decision that we would go on the USA road trip, I questioned if it was the right decision. I love Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

You can follow our lives on social media and the blog to get a great glimpse into Burleigh. It’s possible that it’s on your bucket list or even where you might live.

We traveled around Australia looking for a place to call home. We loved Broome, Margaret River, and Bright, both in Western Australia. But none of them met all our expectations.

We can now tell you, after spending 18 months exploring Australia and living in many places outside of it, that Burleigh and Gold Coast are the best and only places that we would choose to live in Australia.

It is our love, and we are madly in love with it.

This post is being written while I am in Denver, Colorado. My experience ten days ago in the US has confirmed for me that while I love my life on Gold Coast, the US, where my soul is most at home, is the place I want to be.

So, I reflect on my life in Burleigh. I believe the Gold Coast is not the glamorous strip you might think. It’s not populated with schoolies, retirees and a lackluster soul. Instead, it’s a city that is full of rich gold.

The old Gold Coast

I didn’t think the Gold Coast would be the right place for me to call home in Australia. Despite Craig and me getting engaged in Coolangatta, I used my nose to it.

The Gold Coast lacked depth and was more suitable for schoolies and retirees. It felt very run-down. In 07, we decided to move to the Sunshine Coast.

Many people associate the Gold Coast with Surfers Paradise. However, Surfers Paradise has always felt too touristy with a 24/7 party scene that is way past our age. (Though it does have a great ice cream shop and some great restaurants and hotels such as the QT.

The Gold Coast is much more than Surfers Paradise and has seen tremendous growth over the last few years.

The Gold Coast goes from glitter to gold

We’ve been exploring the Gold Coast on shorter trips over the past six years and have noticed changes. We would stay in the Southern part of the Gold Coast, around¬†Coolangatta¬†or Rainbow Bay, and fell in love with the laidback lifestyle and the surfing culture.

Burleigh wasn’t on my radar. However, I felt that it was lacking something.

We stayed in the Burleigh caravan park until 2014 when we went on our road trip. I was amazed at the changes that had occurred. A growing community, a retro-vintage vibe, evolving cafe scene, and one of Australia’s most family-friendly beaches are just a few examples. There is no manufactured glamour, just pure homegrown goodness.

Burleigh was my inner voice when deciding where to live in Australia. It is all that I need.

It is amazing how a place can transform in a matter of years.

Even though we have only been living on the Gold Coast for a year, there has been a lot of change. Cafe and restaurant scenes are booming, craft beer is rising, and the farmers market is improving daily.

Many people have asked us why Burleigh and Gold Coast were chosen, even though we’ve seen the entire country. Let me tell you why I think it is the most livable place in Australia.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s best place to live

As the rest of my points tie in with this, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Families love the Gold Coast. My children are safe and secure. They have many opportunities and experiences.

The Gold Coast does not have an aging population as many people believe. On the Gold Coast, the average age is 37. It’s no wonder that we feel at home here.

For the record, I’m not a fan of the education system. It isn’t easy to impress me. But Kalyra’s school is. They are focused on real learning and encourage and support her. She did not have to take NAPLAN tests this year, but they were very supportive.

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