Hunter Valley Private Tour

Your wine tour begins at 7.45 in your hotel. Then, you will head north to the oldest wine region of Australia, Hunter Valley, on your hunter valley private tours.

As you escape the city, take a trip over Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you travel through the breathtaking Hawkesbury area, take in the scenery and relax. There are stunning cliff walls of sandstone and charming waterside villages that offer a visual feast at each stage of your journey. As you cross the Hawkesbury River Bridge, take in the serene water views and pass by Brooklyn. The Sydney Rock Oysters are a popular local specialty.

For that extra caffeine and cake, we stop at every turn for a morning tea break. You’ll be in Australia’s premier wine-making region, Hunter Valley, before you know it.


Your first boutique winery is our destination at 10.30 am. You will be amazed by the winery staff’s knowledge of wine appreciation. You will be able to identify and taste the incredible differences between each wine and grape type by learning how to smell, taste, and sip.

Every winery you visit has its own vineyards. The wines you taste are made on-site. Many of the wines that you’ll taste are medal-award winning, and the winery owners are proud to display their unique products.

You can sample up to 10 wines at your second winery. You will enjoy the Hunter Valley’s Shiraz and Semillon grape varieties. While you’re sipping and spitting, be sure to watch out for wild kangaroos in the vineyards. They love to relax in the sun among the vines.


Wine connoisseurs all know that fromage is the one thing that compliments wine to perfection. Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop has a reputation for being a local institution that is filled with delicious cheeses from all over the region. A dedicated cheese expert will show you how to make the best local cheeses.


Enjoy a relaxed lunch at a cafe with a variety of classic dishes. The tranquil dam at this popular resort is the backdrop for your lunch. Enjoy your lunch with a complimentary glass of wine or beer, and keep an eye out for the kangaroo.


It’s time to visit the third winery for the day after lunch. You will find that each of the boutique wineries is unique and carefully selected to offer a more intimate experience than the larger commercial wineries. You can take a walk among the vines to capture the perfect country shot.

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