What is Travel Insurance? And Why You Need It

It’s not just about booking hotels and flights. There are also some boring aspects to travel planning, one of which is travel insurance.

What’s travel insurance?

Travel insurance is something you should have but never use.

Travel insurance may not be for you if you are a budget-conscious traveler. You won’t see any immediate benefits, but we guarantee you will be glad you bought it should something go wrong. When you need it, travel insurance can save you a lot of money.

There are many options for travel insurance. Some travelers might be content with a standard policy while others may prefer a customized package from companies like World Nomads.

There are many options for coverage, including trip cancellation, luggage protection, emergency expenses, transportation and transport, as well as other options.

What is travel insurance?

There are many types of travel insurance that can provide cover for you. These are the most important things you need to know about travel insurance.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption

This coverage is the most basic and covers most of the events that could prevent you from taking your trip.

Examples may include, but are not limited, toSickness or Injury, Job Change, Financial Distress (bankruptcy), to you or any of your travel companions. Good policies may also include coverage for Delays, Terrorism and Political Change as well as cancellations by suppliers and natural disasters.

Single occupancy coverage

Insurance will cover you if your partner cancels or changes their plans after you’ve arranged double occupancy.

Trip Delay/Missed Connection

You may be entitled to compensation for any delay beyond your control.

Legal assistance

If you are caught up in legal misunderstandings, this coverage may provide access to local lawyers.

Accident/Medical Expense

All procedures and treatments performed during your trip, or as a result of an event on your trip. Sometimes, this coverage may also include minor dental care.

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance now covers Covid-19. All medical expenses are covered, just like any other illness. As long as the virus was not contracted before you take out the insurance. Only a doctor can recommend COVID-19 testing. Because it is not medically required, the antibody test is not covered.

Pet Insurance

You can bring your pet to the hospital for any emergency medical expenses.

Emergency Evacuation

This coverage is required for trips that you are not near medical facilities. You may also need transport such as a helicopter or express train in order to reach a proper medical facility.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

You can get compensation if an event results in the loss of any part of your body (dismemberment). The second part of coverage is self-explanatory.

Baggage Coverage

You can get reimbursement for your personal items and necessities if your baggage is lost, damaged or delayed. Some plans cover electronic devices and laptops.

We recommend that you have minimum purchase Trip Cancellation/Delay coverage as it covers major trip changes. You may be able to continue your coverage with some Medical Plans while abroad. For example, you might have the option of adding AD&D, Emergency Evacuation, or Accident/Medical coverage.

The medical coverage that you receive from a travel insurance company can be much better and you will not have to pay for excessive medical bills before you are reimbursed.

Travelers may subscribe to additional coverages at their discretion.

Before deciding on coverage, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have to plan my time or can I be flexible with it?
  • Can my plane ticket guarantee that I will reach my destination? (i.e. Budget carries like Ryanair do not)
  • What airline policy does the airline have for lost/delayed baggage
  • Will I be near civilization or in a city setting? (Evacuation potential)
  • Do my country of origin and the country where I am visiting have strong ties? (Legal Assistance).
  • With whom will I travel? Are my travel companions a potential liability that could end up costing money?
  • Do I need specific insurance, like volunteer abroad travel insurance.

Ten reasons why you should have travel insurance

1. Medical emergency care

It is possible to get hurt or sick on a trip. This is particularly important for those who are involved in extreme activities such as hiking, snowboarding or surfing, and scuba diving.

Travel medical coverage means that you won’t have to pay a large medical bill. Assistance services in your language will be available to help you locate the right medical facility and arrange transportation.

2. Luggage protection

It’s possible that your luggage could get lost, stolen, or damaged during transit. Your clothes, as well as your valuable equipment, such a camera, laptop and cell phone, are all included.

Travel insurance covers you for any delay in getting your luggage. If it is stolen, you will be reimbursed.

3. If your trip is canceled, you can get coverage

You may need to cancel your trip suddenly due to illness, family emergencies, or other emergency. It’s impossible to predict what life will throw at you.

Trip cancellation coverage will allow you to recover expenses due to these reasons and many more.

4. Your flight is canceled or you miss your connection

Many travel insurance policies cover missed connections if you’re traveling on a route that requires multiple flights. You are also covered if your flight is cancelled.

5. Sports and adventure coverage

This coverage is essential if you plan to do any adventure activities or engage in any sport. World Nomads provides coverage for a wide range of activities, including snow, water and air as well as a variety of sports.

You’re covered if your scuba gear is stolen or you are hurt while windsurfing.

6. Working or volunteering abroad

If you are planning to work or volunteer aboard, you can purchase tailored travel insurance. You’ll be covered for any injuries that may occur. You can get specific coverage for child care, hospitality, teaching, administration, skiing instructor, general farm work and even office work.

7. Assistance with emergency prescriptions

There are insurance policies that can help you fill in an emergency prescription if your prescription medication is stolen, lost, or stolen. If you are on any important medication, this is a great insurance policy!

8. Your travel agency goes under

What happens when you book the most incredible trip with a tour operator months before your trip and then the company closes down? You can get reimbursed for expenses already paid by some travel insurance companies and book another trip.

9. You may lose your documents abroad

This is the worst nightmare of all travelers. Travel insurance policies can help you get home and replace any lost documents.

10. Natural disaster or terrorist act

You’ll need to be able to return home in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane, flood, or terrorist attack. Travel insurance policies can help you get home safely.

If these events occur in your destination prior to your departure and you have to cancel your trip due to them, you will also receive reimbursement for your expenses.

Where can I get travel insurance?

Nomads around the World

World Nomads is a great choice for travel insurance. World Nomads is a trusted brand that frequent travelers trust. They offer great value, flexibility, and are available to make claims online while you’re away.

WorldNomads.com offers travel insurance to individuals from 140 countries. This insurance is for adventurers and includes coverage for evacuation, baggage, medical expenses, and cover for a variety of activities and sports.

World Nomads doesn’t cover travel to countries that have a COVID travel ban. Please review the exclusions. Travel insurance is essential for anyone who travels in an area affected by a pandemic.

If you select the right provider, rates for full coverage Travel Insurance will be very affordable. If you are able to get full coverage, it is worth the effort. If your trip does not go according to plan, you will be grateful for the full coverage.

Many trips have been interrupted by unplanned circumstances, even before Covid-19. A good travel insurance plan like the one offered at SafetyWing or World Nomads that covers all is often the saving grace of a miserable vacation.

It is important to know what your plan covers and what you are paying for. We hope this breakdown will help you next time that you search for travel insurance.

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