The Ultimate Bucket List for Foodie Travels

You, like me, love to eat and are constantly on the lookout for the best food around the globe. You know what foodie travels are?

Are your travel plans based on which restaurants you would like to eat or what delicious delicacies you can dip into? You should consider food when planning your daily itinerary.

Yes, yes, and no?

You’re a foodie. You are a great person!

After binging on Netflix’s Somebody feed Phil, I was just a bit more infatuated with food and how it ties in with my love for travel. One of my favorite things is to eat in foreign countries. While travelling, my favorite memories of food include a pulled-pork sandwich in Edinburgh, seafood Pad Thai at Koh Phi Phi, and butter chicken and garlic Naan on a beach near Goa. And the best calamari in Cape Town.

One of the best ways to get to know a place is through food. To learn about the culture, people, and land of a destination and discover its unique characteristics. You’re likely to find something tasty no matter where you travel. Some places are better than others, however. Some delicacies appeal to more palates than others. There are also foods that you will never forget, and you can’t live without them.

These foods are worth travelling for. These foods are even better when they are prepared in the country where they were originally made. These foods will make you speechless.

For the foodie travellers out there. For those guys who dream of eating in exotic places. This is your ultimate list of places to eat all over the globe.

Side note: You might want to keep some snacks on hand, as you will be salivating by the end of this article. I have already reached for my stash…

Let’s dig in!

Foodie travels – The ultimate food bucketlist

Pizza in Italy

Yes. This is a cliché. They are the best, though. Everyone harps about them. It was Naples that the original pizza was invented. If you are a traditionalist, then you should go there. You can still find delicious pizzas in Italy, with Rome and Florence among the top choices.

Expect not to be able to add all the toppings. It is simple to make pizza in Italy. The classic margherita is a popular choice throughout the country.

You must try every type of pasta, antipasti and gelato while you’re there (here’s the best gelato from Rome), as well as Parma ham, desserts and Limoncello.

Buon Appetito!

Pastel de natas in Portugal

Pastel de natas taste like custard in a little box. You won’t find a custard tart (pastel en natas), anywhere else in the world. These simple tarts taste best when served warm and sprinkled with sugar. Don’t limit yourself to one tart.

Pasteis de Belem, Lisbon is one of the most popular places to enjoy these delicious treats. Queues can often form along the pavement, so get there early.

Other foods you should be looking out for while in Lisbon include seafood, Bacalhau and piri-piri chicken.

Sushi and sashimi are Japanese specialties

For the best sushi and sashimi, go to the source. Before you order, learn the differences between sushi and sashimi. Combining sushi with other ingredients like rice, raw fish and seaweed, cucumbers, soy paper, or avo is called sashimi. Sashimi, on the other side, is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon or tuna.

You can find sushi and sashimi everywhere in Japan, from small take-out joints and market stalls to high-end restaurants.

You can also try Japanese cuisines like sukiyaki and ramen, okonomiyaki and udon.

We are so passionate about Japanese food, we created a series of posts on what to eat in Japan.

  • The Japanese Supermarkets Explained
  • Japanese Pork Chop Downtown Osaka
  • Hiroshima Food Discovery
  • Japan: Traveling Vegetarian
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Croissants in Paris

All of us have had the daydream: Sitting in a sidewalk café on a busy side street in Paris, sipping espresso and enjoying endless amounts of croissants.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s as easy as a warm, fresh, flaky, buttery and steaming croissant. We don’t need much, do you? Could you keep them coming?

You can also grab some macaroons if you manage to get away from the cafe. Your patisserie finds can be added to a picnic basket with French wine, cheese and cold meats. You can then head to the Eiffel Tower to enjoy a picnic. This is the ultimate bucket list.

Check out our guide to Parisian food.

All Mexican food

It can be not easy to pick one Mexican food you must eat. Tacos and tortillas are the most popular. There are also pambazos (a Mexican sandwich with salsa), flautas and tostados. There will always be something new and unique wherever you go.

It is a must-see on your food bucket list. Mexico even allows vegans to travel!

You can have a great time with tequila and mezcal as well as margaritas and local beers. If you are passionate about cooking, this culinary experience will teach you how to make mole Poblano Sauce.

Bagels in New York

Many people have a bucket list that includes New York. New York is known for its skyscrapers and Broadway theatres, cinemas, electronic billboards, as well as its skyscrapers. It is also known for its bagels, which can be found everywhere from corner delis and bagel shops to street carts.

There are many flavors available, including sesame seed, cinnamon raisin and garlic as well as dried onion and salt. You can either eat them plainly or cover them with butter and cream cheese. You can fill them with red onions, tomatoes or smoked salmon.

Other typical Big Apple foods include hot dogs, cheesecakes, Manhattan clam-chowder, pastrami and corned beef.

Street food in Bangkok

It’s an assault on the senses to walk through Bangkok’s streets. It’s a unique experience to be able to smell, hear, taste, and see the sights as you walk through Bangkok’s streets. You can find everything from fragrant curries to stir-fries, satay platters, satay chicken skewers, fresh seafood, noodles, sweet desserts, and even a few surprises. These are some of the many options.

It’s also very affordable so that you can have a little of everything!

You must try Bangkok’s Pad Thai. This includes anything starting with crispy chicken, pork, beef or duck, Tom Yam (soup), Yum Woon Sen, sticky mango rice, and spicy Thai salad.

Chatuchak market is a popular market in Bangkok. You’ll find great food there.

Bangkok should be added to your bucket list!

High Tea in London

Make sure you have your best High Tea outfit and tea-drinking pinky finger ready. You’re waiting for the scones! High Tea in London is a must-see for those who love the finer things of life. Although it can be expensive, there are many places in the city that offer this traditional tea time ritual.

London’s food scene has exploded and any foodie will find themselves in culinary heaven. Here you will find some of the best restaurants in the world, serving food from all over the globe.

Tagine in Marrakech

Marrakech’s markets are like Bangkok. They are full of colorful sights, sounds and smells. Enjoy the intricately poured mint tea in traditional Riads, and the colorful pyramids full of spices at the markets. After the sun goes down, you can relax and enjoy a traditional tagine at a local restaurant – saffron or lobster is a popular choice.

Scottish Breakfast in Scotland

Start your day in a hearty manner with a full Scottish breakfast. The Scots add tatties (potato-scones) to their traditional British fry-up.

Black pudding is not for everyone, but you should try it at least once. Even if you only want to try it once, it is a good way to find out if you don’t like it.

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