The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions on the Planet

When I go on vacation or visit a city for a brief break, I try to absorb as much local culture as possible. This is the best way I know to explore a new area truly.

I wouldn’t say I like crowds in tourist traps that aren’t conducive to a good time. Overrated tourist attractions are a place where people become clumsy and have cameras on their faces. It is best not to view a tourist attraction through a lens.

While there are exceptions to the rule, there are a few places that I consider stereotypical tourist spots’. For example, Ground Zero, the Eiffel Tower and Vatican City are all great tourist spots. The majority of tourist traps are too expensive, oversubscribed, and overrated.

Do you want to know which ones you should avoid? Are they too iconic but not worth the effort?

The Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Let’s face facts, the reason you’re in The Louvre Museum is to see Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ paintings. The thing is tiny so that you can save the large entrance fee. It is tiny, about the size of a postage stamp. This second image from the gallery gives you a good idea of what you can expect.

This image shows that the painting is small, and many tourists want to take a picture of the most disappointing piece in art history. This is a tourist hot spot that has been overrated.

Stonehenge – Amesbury, UK

Stonehenge, a group of large stones scattered in a field, is another ancient monument that robs unsuspecting tourists.

It would help if you didn’t even try to touch or get close to the stones. There is no tourist centre or museum nearby. And don’t think you’ll see any interesting things in the immediate area. It’s England.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Our European trip continues with a visit to the Colosseum in Rome. The weather in Rome will likely be pleasant, unlike Stonehenge. However, you will need to plan for queue times and the climate once you get inside.

Average queuing times are 6-8 months. There is plenty of time for pickpockets to strike.

Do you like queuing? We do not! The Colosseum is a tourist attraction that has been overrated.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy)

Is this what you are looking for? Is there a brilliant idea in your head that you would like to take a photo of yourself against Pisa’s tower? That’s great. That’s something no one has ever considered before. Do not fall for this tourist trap.

Statue of Liberty, New York City, USA

Although the Statue of Liberty is a symbol and iconic monument in New York, it’s also a huge disappointment. It’s better to spend your time exploring Ellis Island, which is the gateway for millions of immigrants who arrived in the US in the early 1900s.

Do you still want that classic tourist photo of Lady Liberty? You can take the Staten Island Ferry (free) from Manhattan to Staten Island to enjoy spectacular views of New York Bay and your beloved Statue of Liberty.

Mannekin Pis – Brussels, Belgium

The Mannekin Pis is one of the most photographed statues across Europe. It can be found on almost every Belgian postcard. Is it just a boy taking a dunk into a fountain? Or am I missing something? You are welcome!

The Astronomical Clock Prague, Czech Republic

The Astronomical Clock, located in Old Town Prague, is the third oldest astronomical clock worldwide. It’s very interesting. The problem is that the large crowds that gather at the base of this clock hourly to wait for the bell chime are not very interesting.

That’s all. This list includes any tourist attraction that is so boring it draws in such large crowds.

Arizona’s Grand Canyon, USA

You don’t have to visit Las Vegas while you are in Nevada. However, you can drive 6 hours east and still not see the Grand Canyon. The recent opening of Skywalk is a way to tempt paying customers out of their boredom while visiting the Grand Canyon.

You might be able to take a longer time to do the Rim to Rim hike.

Las Vegas – Nevada, USA

Las Vegas seems to be a very popular tourist destination, and for no reason whatsoever. Are you looking to gamble away your savings? Do you want a spot to have a shotgun, cheesy wedding?

Do you want to see a city that has no soul and only tasteless hotels? You want a city that is nothing more than a tourist attraction with neon lights and tacky themes. Las Vegas is the place to be. This entire region is a tourist attraction.

Badaling, China: The Great Wall of China

No matter where you live on the planet, walls are a common concept. The Great Wall of China, if you are interested in walls, is a good vacation spot. This excursion is not recommended for those who don’t consider walls impressive or worthy of visiting.

Badaling’s section of the Great Wall is well-known for being a tourist nightmare. Merchants constantly harass tourists to get their expensive wares. It is probably more fascinating to see from space than up close. This is a tourist destination that’s overrated due to its lack of interest and large crowds.

Little Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

If you mention that you are planning to visit Copenhagen, you will probably be advised by someone to see The Little Mermaid statue on the coast. I would advise you not to do it. It’s what makes it so special. Maybe the Mannekin Pis is somehow related to the Mermaid?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles, USA

This famous street is not for the faint of heart. The street is otherwise quite ordinary, with large crowds of people taking photos of the sidewalk. Celebrity impersonators and souvenir shops surround them. You won’t see any celebrities there, but other confused tourists who are just as clueless as you about what they’re doing.

London, UK

Ok, maybe I’m just a Londoner who has lived there for a while and also visited it numerous times in my lifetime, but it seems that tourists are everywhere. What’s the deal?

London is not a special place for tourists. It’s noisy, it’s cold, it’s dirty, it’s expensive, and it’s boring. Buckingham Palace? Is that true? If I were you, I wouldn’t bother. But I hear Paris is beautiful at this time of the year.

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