Safe Places for Solo Female Travel

Are you looking for destinations for your next solo female travel adventure? Solo female travel is on the rise and more women are traveling solo. However, many people are concerned about the safety of female travelers.

The world doesn’t seem as frightening as people think if you have the right attitude, street smarts, and caution. Female travelers can feel secure and safe in many countries around the globe, whether they are traveling with a group of women or on their own.

There are still some countries where violence against women is rampant. Some countries may have unfavorable or uncomfortable circumstances for foreign women who travel there.

We long for the day when we can travel without fear and with no restrictions. We know that certain countries are safer for female travelers than others, but we are still waiting. We’ve compiled a list of the most safe countries for female travelers.

They may not be completely safe, but is there any other place in the world that is 100% safe? They are safer and more chilling than other options, based on our research and experience.

This is a list of some of our favorite places to solo female travel.

Solo travel is a sign of freedom and can lead to an unforgettable experience.

You are free to set your own itinerary, pick your favorite destination, and lengthen or shorten the trip as you wish. You don’t need to consult anyone. However, it is recognized that solo women can be exposed to dangers and other risky situations. Safety is often a concern for solo female travel.

The world is filled with peaceful spots that offer extreme serenity, and beautiful beauty.

1) Iceland

Did you know Iceland was ranked the number one peaceful country in 2017 by the Global Peace Index ? This state boasts a higher gender equality rate, which means that solo female travelers will feel completely safe in the land.

This isn’t the only reason to travel to Iceland. Because it is the center of Icelandic culture, downtown Reykjavik has become the most popular tourist attraction. The Blue Lagoon Spa is another reason to travel to Iceland. It is also one of the most safest destinations for solo female travelers.

2) Italy

Italy is the shining example of the Roman Empire. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are two examples of the country’s ancient culture. This country is ideal for solo female travelers. You can enjoy delicious pizzas while you explore the country and drink filtered water from artistic fountains. Italians are friendly and very helpful.

3) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a friendly country with warm-hearted people. This is the ideal place to go solo for female adventurers. This place has a lot to offer for nature lovers.

Costa Rica is a safe place for solo female travel, whether you are looking to relax or try new activities like surfing or snorkeling.

4) Bali

Bali, an idyllic island in Indonesia, is a top choice for tourists. The tranquil island is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious food. It also has old temples that preserve the true Balinese culture.

Solo female travelers will feel safe in this area because it is the epicenter of Indonesian tourism. The government also takes preventative measures to ensure that it is free from violence.

5) Seychelles

Seychelles, an archipelago with 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, is an archipelago. It’s the perfect spot for a honeymoon, but it’s also a safe place to travel solo.

You can see the beautiful turtle and tortoise species as well as the sparkling sand beaches. This country is safe because it has no ground connections.

6) Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries are rich in beautiful places and stunning architecture. Norway and Denmark have been ranked as the two most happy countries in the world. Denmark was also ranked the most peaceful country in 2016. Solo female travelers can travel to Scandinavian countries to have the most safest trip.

7) New Zealand

New Zealand ranks second on the Global Peace Index behind Iceland. It is also one of the most safe countries for female travelers. When you land in New Zealand, life slows down. New Zealand is a place where you can enjoy the slower pace and friendly people. These are just a few of the beautiful landscapes.

New Zealand is a great destination for women who enjoy adventure, sports and nature. Two main islands make up New Zealand: the North Island and South Island. North Island is known for its stunning beaches, active volcanoes, and beautiful lakes. South Island is home to snowy peaks and glaciers as well as an ocean filled with seals and whales.

8) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Let’s visit the Venice of North. Amsterdam is a charming city with beautiful architecture, cultural museums, and beautiful canals. Amsterdam is the ideal place to go solo for female travelers who want to party and enjoy music. The city’s friendly culture and history will delight solo female travelers.

9) Switzerland

According to the Global Peace Index’s latest report, Switzerland is the 12 th peaceful country in the world. This is due to its political stability as well as neutrality in international conflicts. Because it is centrally located in Europe, it is easy to get from any European country.

Switzerland is paradise for chocolate lovers as well as female travelers who enjoy stunning scenery. The perfect destination to visit during all seasons, from summer hiking up the mountains to winter skiing down the slopes. For those female travelers who want to enjoy more luxury and relax holidays, there are plenty of delicious chocolates and cheeses.

10) Melbourne, Australia

The dazzling city Melbourne is a wonderful place to visit. It offers everything you need, from beautiful music and delicious food to aesthetic culture and great food. This city offers safety for both tourists and residents, as well as shopping and catchy architecture.

Solo female travel is possible in Melbourne’s glittering lights. English is the official language in Australia, so women can communicate quickly and get help.

Portugal 11

Portugal came in fourth place in the Global Peace Index. It is a beautiful country for female travelers. Portugal is also gaining popularity in the tourism industry, and has been fast becoming a must-visit country on travel blogs and news sites. Lisbon has many great hotels, wonderful restaurants, beautiful beaches and excellent public transport. For more stunning beaches, head to the Algarve region. There are many charming towns along the coast. You will be welcomed everywhere you go by locals as a female traveler.

12) Canada

Canada is the most safest country in America for women. Canada is home to stunning landscapes such as century-old forests and snowy mountains, open country, and beautiful lakes. Canada is a great place to escape the bustle of big cities and get out into the wild.

The cities have their own charm and multicultural touch, however. Going in search of polar bears in Canada during winter is a great trip for female-only. Although it will be cold, the experience of seeing these snow-white bears in their natural habitat is well worth it.

13) Japan

Japan is ranked 9 8th in the Global Peace Index. This makes it an attractive option for solo women. Japan has a unique culture where centuries-old traditions and modern technology are combined. Tokyo, the capital, is the most organized and clean city in the world.

Osaka is another great place to visit. It’s modern and charming, but it’s also full of things to do. The best tip we have for anyone traveling to Japan is to not skip Kyoto. Kyoto is regarded as Japan’s most beautiful city. The stunning villas and UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Kamigamo Shrine and To-ji) make it a popular destination for female travelers. The bullet trains are fast and reliable, and they can be used to get you around the country. They are also known for being punctual and speedy.

14) Finland

Finland was ranked number one by the World Economic Forum in terms of safety in their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. It is a great option for female travelers. With its Northern Lights and midnight sun, Finland is a great choice for nature-lovers. You can see the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, more than 200 times a year.

Finland also has Europe’s largest wooded preserve, Lemmenjoki National Park. Finnish refers to this as “Everyman’s right”, which means that everyone is allowed to walk in the wild, wherever they want. The forests and lakes of Finland offer a safe and secure environment for female travelers.

Now you know the safest places so what are your worries?

Start your solo female travel adventure today. Visit these locations to have endless adventures.

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