Red Zone Travel: The Most Dangerous Countries To Visit

Vacation is about having fun and experiencing new things. However, most vacationers are not interested in the danger.

While there is some risk associated with many popular destinations, it is best to avoid serious dangers.

These are some of the most dangerous places to visit in the world.


Daring tourists from all over the world have tried to visit Syria despite the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Many militant groups in conflict are suspicious of outsiders. Terrorist attacks, vehicle hijackings, kidnappings and vehicle hijackings continue to plague the country, particularly in the ISIS-controlled east.


Somalia has been virtually lawless for just over two decades.

Terrorist groups control large swathes of Somaliland. Fighting over territorial borders is common in Puntland and Somaliland. Somali pirates are known to attack ships off the coast, as well as those in international waters.


Venezuela is home to a diverse and vibrant culture. It is, however, plagued by both street crime and corruption. Nighttime is a busy time for muggers and carjackers.

Police officers are often untrustworthy and can sometimes demand fake fines from tourists. These dangers are greatest in Caracas, the capital.


Unfortunately, Honduras’s beautiful beaches and tropical climate are also accompanied by a high crime rate.

Honduras has the highest per capita murder rate in the world. This crime is most severe in the coastal areas. This is due in large part to the presence drug cartels within the region.

North Korea

Although crime in North Korea’s hermit state is low, it is important to alert the government. Diplomatic masters holders know that it is not unusual for foreign visitors to North Korea to be interrogated and detained for offences such as failing to bow to a statue by Kim Jong Un.

Tourists may be suspected of spying for South Korea, where the greatest risk lies. It is strongly advised not to visit North Korea.

Travel agencies and government officials often advise against these countries. These countries may become safer over time, so it is possible to return. For now, however, tourists should look for thrills in safer locations.

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