Craig and I have been discussing how we plan to create amazing content for you after returning from our road trip around Australia.

We have so many things to do and so much to discover. We’re looking for South Australia. We are slowly releasing this content as we don’t want to create our top lists or highlight stories and leave South Australia out.

We keep coming back to the same conversation: what are our favourite towns in Australia? It amazes us how many of them start with the B.

This is so cool! It’s impossible not to share this in a blog post.

These places captured our hearts. These places are full of love and happy memories. They are our favourites because they’re the ones we can’t help but talk about. They have a special kind of magic for us.

Broome, Western Australia

It’s a deep love that I feel for this place. That could be all you need to say.

I would consider Broome my winter retreat. It would allow me to enjoy beach life, cafe bumming and sunset drinks on Cable Beach.

You can move to the beat like the palm trees along the street.

If I need a little action, I jump in the Ford Territory to a bush in one of Australia’s most beautiful and unique regions: The Kimberley. Red dirt, gorges and waterfalls, swimming holes, the iridescent ocean and boab trees.

Bright, Victoria

Bright is simply delightful! Australia’s alpine paradise.

This high-alpine region of Victoria is a favourite of ours. This is the ideal place for families to escape. It was great to cycle around the city, follow the rail trail to wineries and cafes, or spend the day swimming in the river.

Bright Brewery was a wonderful place to relax after a long day. Enjoy refreshing summer cider in the Biergarten overlooking the “best playground” for children.

Burleigh Heads in Queensland

Burleigh Heads shows how the energy and spirit of residents can transform towns.

I’ve been here several times, but it was always something that made me feel a bit sceptical. It was great, but I prefer Coolangatta to the Gold Coast. We felt a strong call to Burleigh when we decided to finish this road trip.

We were immediately attracted to the area and quickly fell in love. Many people, whether they are locals or new residents, comment on the changes that have taken place over the years. It has become a beautiful, wholesome community. A post will soon be published highlighting the reasons why we love Burleigh.

Here’s a quick overview: It has a surfing culture, a vibrant outdoor life, cool markets and awesome cafes that offer modern food trends (almond milk in coffee is a common thing!). It also has a beautiful National Park that is right on the beach. Burleigh’s my current bliss.

Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay is a place that has been a healing centre for local Aboriginal people. When you drive down from the hinterlands, you feel that energy.

As I feel this energy spreading up to Burleigh, I notice different well-being and health services popping up.

Byron has become a bit touristy, which may dull the energy. It’s a great spot to relax; there are plenty of things to do with children, the vibe’s great, the food scene’s great, the sunsets are spectacular, and my girls love the Crystal Castle in its hinterlands.

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Ok, we are sneaking this one in as an area, not a town. But we felt South Australia needed to be included in our posts. We loved the Barossa valley (and the Adelaide Hills region).

It had the best wine in Australia. But I didn’t realize how amazing the food, scenery, and people were.


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