No matter if you’re in lockdown again (we are here for you, UK friends) or if you’ve made it out the other end, no one can argue that things haven’t changed. Perhaps you are one of those people who enjoys lockdowns. You can bake, exercise or reconnect with friends and organize zoom calls with backpackers you met three years ago. Maybe this isn’t the case. You might not have been performing well during the lockdown. That’s OK! Many people have suffered through this time. There are also aspects of lockdown that can be detrimental to your mental health. Listening to your body’s messages is sometimes the best thing. Meditation is the answer! We understand that meditation is not for everyone. So we have compiled a list of the top meditation apps and provided a breakdown of their features and recommended users so you can try them out and decide if they are right for you.


Free 7-day trial and $59.99 annual

Aura’s interface starts by asking you how you feel each day. It also features a soothing background scene. Aura will ask you to choose up to five types of content to help you on your journey: meditation, life coaching and stories. The best thing about this app is that Aura will ask you how you feel after you have opened it each day. Based on your answers, Aura will suggest an activity/session depending on which type of content you chose.

You can choose from stories or meditation, and you will receive a suggested story and a recommended meditation. The premium version only allows you to access meditations. This makes the free version very limited. Aura’s “Made for You” courses are a great perk. They focus on your goals and combine all the content types to create an exceptional and comprehensive journey.


2 Week Free Trial, then PS49.99 per Year

Headspace is the top-rated meditation app on the market. Headspace is the most popular meditation app. Think of it as a membership to a gym for your mind. Headspace is focused on making meditation accessible to everyone, no matter their experience level. Interactive animations are used to explain concepts and techniques of meditation to those who are visual learners.

7-day free trial, then PS34.99/year

Calm asks you to personalize your goals to set the goals you want. Many options are available, including managing stress, sleeping better and relationships. You can also use the app to track your emotions, do some yoga, and learn how to breathe. You can even find bedtime stories by famous voices if you struggle to relax when you go to sleep. This app is for you if you enjoy being lulled into sleep by Kate Winslet’s dulcet tones. Although there is not much content left after the 7-day free trial, Calm ranks high in our list of the top meditation apps because it’s the most affordable.


Monthly Payments: HTML7.99/PS46.99/year

This app is more of a self-care app. It’s geared towards stress management, anxiety, depression, and stress. This app could be for you if lockdown has taken its toll.

The app will ask you to take a moment and imagine a relaxing place. This theme can be used to guide your profile. It could be a peaceful forest stream or a relaxing spot on the beach. Then you can choose up to three goals to focus on. You don’t want to overstretch yourself and make the work easier. Sanvello will also do a “check-in” with you and give you scores for your stress and anxiety levels.

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