These are the 10 Best Day Trips From Miami

You can find some fascinating ecosystems, beautiful beaches, and thrilling attractions within easy reach. If you want to leave the country entirely for the day, you have two – or arguably three – foreign countries you can travel to in the morning. You can return to Miami by dinnertime.

Here are some suggestions for day trips from Miami that you might consider.

Cape Canaveral

Why? While the Space Coast has beautiful beaches and a busy cruise port, there are many places to fish, hike and surf. However, most people come to Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center. You can learn about the history of American space flight through a whole complex of exhibits.

The Kennedy Space Center is divided into several “Mission Zones”, each of which explores a different period of the American space program. The tour begins with Heroes & Legends, focusing on the pioneers of rocket and supersonic flight. It continues with the Behind the Gates bus tour, a thorough exploration of the Apollo missions and the program for the space shuttle, and ends with Now and Next, an interactive glimpse into NASA’s future.

Fort Lauderdale

Why? Fort Lauderdale is a great place to visit. It has more affordable attractions and an international airport. There are also better beaches than in Miami. You don’t have to travel through the notoriously difficult traffic to Fort Lauderdale via the Brightline train.

Fort Lauderdale is known for its events. The city is home to many touring bands that visit regularly. It also hosts an annual boat show that draws thousands of people. Even if you don’t have plans, there are always happy hours: The best ones are located high up in a skyscraper so you can enjoy the famous ocean views.


Why? Since 1962, when the US embargoed Cuba, it has not been easy to visit the country. Although loopholes exist to allow you to travel directly to Cuba from the United States in the past, this has become more common as lax restrictions continue to be imposed.


Why? The Florida Everglades, a 1.5 million-acre wetland/sawgrass marsh, is undeveloped and otherworldly. It’s home to rare flora, fauna, and plants. The Everglades National Park is home to many species of animals and plants that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth, making it one of the most interesting destinations for a day trip.

Palm Beach

It’s now easier than ever to spend a day in West Palm Beach, thanks to the Brightline train. You’ll find luxury shopping and resorts, world-class restaurants, many public parks, beaches, and a vibrant fine arts scene, led by the Norton Museum of Art.


Why? The Bahamas islands are surrounded by tropical waters and offer the same rich delights as other Caribbean countries. They can be reached by either boat or plane in 2.5 hours from Miami. Although tourism is centered around the Bahamas’ beach resorts and other tourist-friendly attractions, there are plenty of things to do in the city, especially Grand Exuma or Grand Bahama.

You might think of a country made up of 16 islands. Many of the most popular attractions are found in the water. It is easy to organize boating and snorkeling trips and diving and snorkeling trips. You don’t have to spend a day lounging at the beach. There are many options for taking a break to go snorkeling, diving, or boating.


Why? Few tourists visit Orlando, or at least not as many as those who visit one of the many parks. Disney World and Universal Studios are the most popular attractions in the area, but there are many other options, including Legoland and Fun Spot America.

Key Largo

Why? This quaint Key is only an hour from Miami and is a once-mighty tourist destination that has been rediscovered as a jewel that honors traditions. Key Largo is well-known for its dedication to the environment and eco-resorts. It also boasts the United States only living coral reef.

The waters off Key Largo are often called the “diving capital of the world”. They contain many species of tropical fish that are perfect for snorkeling and diving. The area’s most famous attraction is an almost 600-pound bronze statue called Christ of Abyss of Jesus, one of three found worldwide.


Why? Nestled between Florida’s Gulf Coast white-sand beach beaches and the western edge of the Everglades is Naples, a rural city. Naples is a mix of a beach town and a luxury escape, so everyone can find something to suit their needs.

You’ll find luxury and boutique shopping, fine dining and luxurious cafes in the city. Many state parks around the city offer untouched beaches, interesting wildlife, and lush wetlands. The coast is just adjacent to the city, but the sand here is much cleaner and softer, and the water is warmer.

Key West

Following a Border Patrol Blockade of Keys to try and corral Cuban Refugees, Key West seceded in protest in 1984. Although the Micronation was never officially recognized, you can still get stamps at various attractions from the Conch Republic souvenir passports.

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