The World’s Best Places To Visit in October

Traveling in summer can be exhausting. The high temperatures and high prices can drain your energy and bank accounts. For those who have the luxury of taking a break in the shoulder season, October is an ideal time to go on holiday and visit some of the most famous places around the globe.

There are many places around the globe that you should visit if you have a few weeks to spare for the October holidays. This is especially true when you consider that many of these destinations only offer events during October.

These are the top places to visit in October, from Turkey to Tokyo:

Tokyo, Japan

Fall in Tokyo is less crowded than spring when the entire world descends on Japan to see the cherry trees bloom. However, it still has some of Japan’s most celebrated seasonal holidays, traditions, and festivals.

The best time to view Kochia (or summer cypress) is October. This is when their leaves change into autumnal attire. Nearby Hitachi Seaside Park hosts the Kochia Carnival. It features many acres of beautifully manicured grounds and even Kochia Ice Cream: cones filled with swirled matcha or cranberry ice cream reminiscent of the small Cypress’ annual transition from green to yellow.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The north Atlantic hosts Iceland, a frozen island nation that attracts more tourists yearly. Its quirky capital Reykjavik is located high up. With its amazing restaurant scene, great public transport, and cheap flights to mainland Europe, Reykjavik is quickly becoming a favorite among European capitals.

Bacolod, Philippines

Bacolod, a city in the Philippines, is always pleasant to see. But just as the rains recede, the city explodes into a carnival that rivals Brazil’s Carnival. The annual MassKara festival transforms Bacolod into a huge party that features food, dance, and many hand-made art objects during the third week in October.

Munich, Germany

Munich’s Oktoberfest is perhaps the most famous October festival. Since 1810, this three-week celebration of beer and bratwurst has been observed in various forms. Each year it gets larger.

You should reserve your accommodation in advance if you want to attend. It can also be more expensive than other times of the year. You might also want to purchase lederhosen and dirndl (traditional German clothing) well in advance.

Paris, France

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Paris is much more accessible and less expensive once schools reopen in September. You should not miss the first weekend of October if you plan to visit Paris during the fall.

Based on an idea that originated in Helsinki in the late 1980s, Paris’ Nuit Blanche has become the most prestigious annual all-night cultural event. It is held at museums, galleries and performance spaces throughout Paris on the first Saturday of October.


Tibet enters its dry season every October as the world’s largest and highest plateaus. This is a great time to enjoy the beauty and unique natural resources of this autonomous region in southwestern China, with its sunny skies and mild temperatures.

Sydney, Australia

October in Australia, the world’s smallest continent, is springtime. This means that it’s balmy and less touristy. You won’t miss Sydney’s most famous events if you plan your trip right.

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