It can be frightening to be stuck in one place for long periods.

We believe that road tripping with kids is the best and most practical way to travel. It is what we do.

Our family recently went on a 10-day Outback Queensland road trip with our children. We explored the region from Roma through Winton.

A road trip to Outback Queensland is a good idea

Outback Queensland is the ideal place to take your children on a road trip.

Public transport is limited in this area. Many outback towns and dirt roads will take you to amazing adventures you wouldn’t find if you flew into the main hubs. I’m thinking of you, Lara Wetlands Farmstay and Bonus Downs Farmstay!

This region is so fascinating because it offers you the opportunity to experience its vast open spaces.

Road trips are a great way to bond with children. You can sing, play games, and have fun. There are no distractions. Stay tuned for future videos that will offer tips and tricks for a road trip with children and show the joy you can have.


Road trips allow you to be flexible with your schedule and itinerary. You can leave when you like, take as many breaks as you wish, and then head down the dirt road to discover what lies beyond.

We’ll always laugh about the time we spent chasing the sunrise from Captain Starlight’s Lookout, Longreach.

While driving to Longreach, we came across the Wellshot Hotel in Ilfracombe. It was one of our favorite pubs.

More comfortable road trips

Children can travel and get out of their comfort zones. Road trips help them to adjust and ease into the new environment. Their stable base is their car. You know, Mums and Dads will love having your cup holder and seat!

It would help if you remembered that you could use the car’s A/C to cool down, especially when driving outback. It’s a great way for kids to stay hydrated and ready to go.

A road trip allows you to carry more luggage

We love to have enough luggage to keep everyone happy.

Family travel is made easier by scooters, bikes, surfboards and snorkels. We also carry lots of tech and camera equipment. My high-speed blender is a must-have so that I can make delicious, nutritious smoothies and tasty chocolate treats.

It is possible to travel by road for a lower price

This can depend on the cost of fuel. As of May 2016, road trips to Australia are more enjoyable than ever. You can also tow a camper trailer, like the one we used for our trip around Oz. This gives you and your kids more stability. Outback Queensland is ideal for exploring using a caravan/camper trailer.

Outback Queensland campgrounds are cheap, spacious, and comfortable. They often host social events like poet evenings and happy hour drinks. You can always stop at a rest camp to get snacks or naps.

Now that you understand why road trips are so great for you and your kids let’s share some of our secrets to making Queensland Outback road trips with kids fun.

Make sure to pack enough snacks

I guarantee the kids will be hungry by the end of the trip. Make sure your children have their lunchbox with healthy snacks. This will help them to get comfortable with planning and making sure their food lasts.

Be aware.¬†Training is required. You should also pack extra food if they eat it all at once. You should not give them any extra food that you have packed. As if you don’t have it, they will learn the importance of eating spread out.

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