My hips love that I don’t have a sweet tooth. But I do love good ice cream. Gelato must be good, and the company must have a great reputation.

Gelato was the best thing about Italy. Every day I had a gelato, and not just one. In two weeks, my hips were crying an additional 5kg.

Kilwin’s Ice Cream in Wilmington, North Carolina, was the only other memorable ice cream shop I visited on my travels.

As soon as you step in, the smell of sugar, waffles, and chocolate hits you. If you can get in, that is. The line often runs along the footpath. It is a must-do in the region, so I joined it. This is rare in my world.

TripAdvisor released their top ice cream spots in Australia. While we didn’t visit these places on our road trip around Australia, there were a few that our taste-testing girls remembered for good ice cream.

Prepare for an adventure in the ice cream shop!

Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour, Bathurst

Annie’s was highly recommended by our Facebook page. Check out the post from Craig and Kalyra when they visited Bathurst. Annie’s Ice Cream Parlour was a Bathurst institution.

Many people suggested the Sofala gold variety or the Bridle track. ButKalyra refused to listen and went straight for blueberry + cookies & creme.

Millers Ice Cream, Margaret River

Millers Ice Cream can be found on a dairy farm located in Margaret River. Although it is a long drive, the views are worth it. After they have finished licking their lips, there is a playground with plenty of space and play equipment for them to enjoy.

The ice cream is available in various flavours and can be quite expensive. However, the small scoops make it worth it!

Daintree Ice Cream Company Daintree Rainforest Qld

Even I indulged here. You can’t refuse an exotic ice cream made from the Australian rainforest.

Daintree Ice Cream Company may be expensive, but it is a great tasting experience. All the fruit grown on the property is native and natural. The Black Sapote, Wattleseed, and Coconut were my favourites. Each day, the flavours of the fruits change, and they are affected by what falls from trees.

Gelato, Messina Surry Hills

Chrissy, a friend from Hair Romance, told me about her obsession with Gelato Messina at Surry Hills, Sydney.

She was their number-one fan on Instagram and would sneak around to join the queue whenever they released a new flavour.

Before we embarked on our road trip, Kalyra and her new teacher of distance education met us. We decided to celebrate our new life together with ice cream. It was well worth it.

The best ice cream on Gold Coast

We decided to check if the two Gold Coast Ice Cream places on Trip Advisor’s Best Ice Cream in Australia List were worthy.

We set off for a day of ice cream tasting! We are so happy to see five-kg hips and other off-the-wall kids! They were in ice cream heaven!

Surfers Paradise, Zanette’s Gelato

Zanette’s Gelato is ranked as the #1 place to get ice cream in Surfers Paradise by Trip Advisor and the 11th best restaurant in Surfers Paradise. You’re now allowed to eat at an ice cream parlour, ice cream lovers!

Frank, Zanette’s Gelato owner, is the subject of many rave reviews. He is the most friendly and generous ice cream proprietor in Australia.

We spent much more time at Zanette’s, talking with Frank and sampling his delicious gelato and sorbet. Zanette’s sorbet is made with fresh fruits, unlike many others. It’s all delicious, hips!

My favourites were the passionfruit, mango, and lychee – so refreshing.

Zanette’s ice cream was delicious. I enjoyed macadamia nuts topped with salted honeycomb. You win, Zanette! They happily munched on chocolates in all flavours, declaring that Kit Kat and Mars Bar were their favourites.

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