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What is it that we don’t know about Australia?

We’re Australian.

Things to know about Australia

Australia is the world’s second-largest desert country and also the most deserted continent. It is also the smallest, smallest and flattest continent.

Our ancientness is reflected in the fact that we don’t have mountains. Mt Kosciusko is the highest peak in the Snowy Mountains. This is, strangely, one of the most dangerous peaks to climb because many people aren’t ready for the icy conditions. (Stand up!) We had to go back.

The curlew bird looks amazing and makes an eerie, ghostly sound at night. After a few days, I fell in love with it.

The oldest rainforest in the world is located in Australia, The Daintree. It has 130 million years of stunning beauty. Listen to the wisdom of the trees. Tree huggers are the ultimate utopia.

You won’t be able to hear your neighbor talking if you stand under the Norfolk Pines at Burleigh and Mooloolaba in the evening due to the racket from the lorikeets. There are likely many other beaches that sound the same.

The majority of the world’s marsupials can be found in Australia.

Australia is the home of the oldest civilization still living in the world. Listen closely, and they have so many things to teach us.

You can have amazing adventures down sandy and gravel roads that are only accessible by 4WD vehicles.

Queensland offers the best billy and damper teas – it’s a thing!

There are about 60 species of macropods, including the Kangaroos. When you travel around Australia, you’ll meet many of them, especially in Carnarvon Gorge.

It is dangerous to feed birds in Australia. I cannot walk around Circular Quay, Sydney, and eat without being swooped by a seagull. Feed the birds! Allow them to eat fish.

Wattle, our national flower, has a distinctive smell. It makes me feel at home whenever I smell it in the bush.

The gum tree is the lifeblood and a major part of Australian identity. They are a symbol of home and Australian life. They are my favorite thing to hug. The land can be regenerated by Eucalypt trees lighting themselves on fire. A blackened gum tree is covered with green, fluffy new growth. The Barossa Valley has the most beautiful gum trees.

Gum trees – One of my favorite things about Australia

The Blue Mountains were named after the blue haze of eucalyptus oil that rose from the bush west of Sydney.

Over 80 percent of Australians reside within 100 km of the coast. Surf life is very important to us, and we are proud of our surf lifeguards.

Australia is a great sporting nation, and considering its low population, it rocks it on an international scale.

There are more than 10,000 beaches, and there are over 8,000 islands ( Best beaches in Australia, Best Islands getaways in Australia).

Australia produces the best coffee in the world.

It can get very cold in Australia. Some parts of Tasmania have snow on Christmas Day.

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