Things to Do in Port Lincoln, South Australia

Port Lincoln, South Australia’s Seafood Capital, is a beach paradise on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. This city of 16,000 offers access to the finest, most sought-after seafood around the globe.

Many people visit shark diving, but Port Lincoln is also a popular spot for 4WDing and getting outside into the natural world. Port Lincoln is home to beautiful beaches and award-winning restaurants. There are also two national parks.

Here are our top activities in Port Lincoln after spending a week exploring this tiny part of Eyre Peninsula.

How to get there

It is quite a trek to get from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. Although they look very similar on a map, Port Lincoln is about 650km away from Adelaide. It takes approximately 7 hours to get there. From Adelaide, you will head to Port Augusta, following Lincoln Highway to the Eyre Peninsula. A bus service runs from Adelaide to Port Lincoln and takes approximately 10 hours.

The ferry crosses the gulf between Wallaroo and Lucky Bay. However, it is not a great way to save time. Because of the lengthy drive, many people choose to fly to Port Lincoln by plane. QantasLink and Rex have direct flights that take only 45 minutes.

Port Lincoln’s Best Time to Visit

Port Lincoln is a beautiful destination all year round, but the best weather conditions are from December to February. The summer heat and dry temperatures of July are very pleasant, with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to visit the stunning beaches in the area. The autumn months of March and April are milder than the peak season. It’s still pleasant, the accommodation is plentiful, and the ocean is a little chilly, but it’s still a wonderful time to visit the national parks and enjoy nature.

Port Lincoln’s Best Things to Do

Port Lincoln has many exciting things to offer, whether you want to explore, eat, or take in the sights.

Great White Sharks are available for diving.

Port Lincoln is known for its great white shark encounters. You can swim in the Southern Ocean and cage dive with sharks. It is the only place in Australia that allows you to do this. This unique opportunity to see these powerful predators in their natural habitat is something adrenaline junkies should not miss.

You can choose to do this adrenaline-filled activity with a responsible tour operator. A company that doesn’t exploit the sharks to draw them in or alter their natural environment in any other way.

Adventure Bay Charters is an ecotourism certified operator that offers a full day shark experience and an optional cage dive!

Swim with Sea Lions

Sea lions are affectionately called “puppies of sea” and make great entertainment. It’s an unforgettable wildlife experience to swim with sea lions. You can take a boat tour to Port Lincoln Marina, where you will swim with these cute creatures.

Galleries Offer Local Artwork

As you stroll through Port Lincoln, stop by the many cultural exhibits. The Nautilus Arts Centre showcases unique Australian exhibits that change frequently. Quirky Owl is our favourite local art school, offering classes with tea and even art classes!

Glen Forest Tourist Park: See the Animals

Glen Forest Tourist Park is just 15 minutes from town and offers meet-and-greets with many of Australia’s most beloved animals. You can see kangaroos and koalas as well as wombats and more. Then, you can play at the mini-putt or take a Segway ride. Glen Forest is a top tourist attraction in Port Lincoln for families with children.

Winter Hill Lookout: Enjoy the View

Enjoy panoramic views of Boston Bay, Lincoln National Park and Boston Island from Winter Hill Lookout. The lookout is located just a few minutes from the city’s centre and offers some of the most spectacular views on the Eyre Peninsula.

Go For A Stroll Along Parnkalla Walking Trail

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon strolling along the picturesque coastline of Port Lincoln. You will pass beautiful fig trees and towering grain silos along the Eyre Peninsula’s oldest jetty. It is easy to access the trail from Port Lincoln Tourist Park. It was a great running route during our time at the Tourist Park.

Visit Lincoln National Park

Lincoln National Park is just one of the two incredible national parks in the area. You can walk down the Jussieu Peninsula and visit the white sandy beaches of Memory Cove. This is part of the Wilderness Protection Area. The 4WD track to this remote paradise is bumpy but well worth it. Staying for a few days is recommended. You can only access Memory Cove with a gate key and 15 vehicles.

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