The 2022 Best Women’s Carry-On Bags

These carry-on bags are perfect for women on the move because of their stylish design and feather-like weight.

When it comes to cabin luggage, women have different needs from men. Different people pack different things and value different quality bags. We also have different aesthetic preferences. While quality is important, as are features such as smooth-rolling wheels or locks that the TSA has approved, we don’t consider these things when choosing the right piece for our chic adventures.

The best women’s luggage for carry-on should be able to fit a few days’ worths of essentials in the overhead compartment. But, they also need to be able to add some extra flair to your journey.

The best carry-on luggage to take with you for women is 2022.

Monos Hybrid Carry-On

Monos has updated our favourite cabin bags to make them more useful and luxurious for travel.

The new hybrid Carry-On combines the strength and durability of aluminium with the lightness and durability of Polycarbonate. It looks great and performs like an expert. The lightweight, aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell has been reinforced with aluminium for maximum strength. It also comes in a stunning metallic finish that will make a bold statement wherever it goes.

Monos cleverly redesigned the telescopic handle, which now has the release button on the bottom instead of the top, and the signature asymmetric grooves, quiet Hinomoto wheels, and ultra-smooth Hinomoto tires that they use on all their luggage. You’ll find inside a zipped panel and a built-in compression pad. There are also bags for your laundry and shoes. Outside, two TSA-friendly latch lock locks allow you quick access to your contents.

This suitcase was great for multiple trips across Europe, plus a photoshoot in the wild. It was spacious enough to hold all my necessities, and it rolled easily on the streets of Barcelona. This bag also turned heads at everyone who saw it. It’s stylish, well-built, and designed for the modern traveller, so it’s difficult to find fault.

Horizon Studios H5

Since 2015, Horizn Studios in Germany has created stylish and functional luggage. Each piece has a minimalist design and is distinguished by its high-end materials and innovative touches. This combination is on full display in the H5 Cabin Luggage.

This sustainable 35L carry on is slightly larger than the M5 and can hold a few more outfits or some retail therapy. It also fits in most airlines’ overhead compartments. The bag is made from aerospace-grade Polycarbonate, with the best-in-class 360deg Japanese spinning wheels. It’s lightweight and strong and can be easily carried over various surfaces. You can choose from 10 exquisite colours.

Get rid of the Carry-On and Pocket.

This functional crowd-pleaser from Away makes it easier to travel smarter. This bag is made from durable Polycarbonate and features black leather details.

It was designed to be portable and easy to use. Two compartments on the inside have an internal compression system to make packing easy. The water-resistant exterior pocket has a lockable zipper and a 15″ laptop sleeve. There are also small pockets for magazines, your passport, boarding passes, and your phone.

Best Carry-On Roller

Beis is a stylish, functional and affordable carry-on bag.

Shay Mitchell, a jet-setting actress, designed the Carry On Roller. It is made from light and durable 100% virgin Polycarbonate. The retractable bag strap is equally innovative and useful, allowing you to attach a duffel or purse to your suitcase.

The hard-shell bag features high-quality Hinomoto wheels, TSA-approved locks, a cushioned trolley handle, and a silicone grip. It also has an expandable body that allows you to add up to two inches to make your trip more comfortable.

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