The 2022 Best Cameras for All Types of Photography

Ask yourself what you enjoy shooting when shopping for a new camera. Photography is an extremely diverse and dynamic field. No one camera will suit all needs.

Action photography, for example, requires fast shutter speeds. On the other hand, landscape photography needs many megapixels, a wide dynamic range and weatherproofing. For indoor photography, you will need a high-quality camera with an interchangeable lens and in-body image stabilization for video.

You can find the top 2022 cameras below, whether you want to capture your travel adventures or the beauty of your surroundings.

Best Camera Overall: Sony Alpha 1

The Sony Alpha1 is one of the most powerful cameras ever made. It can capture stunning landscapes, shoot fast action, and record 8K video at 30fps. This mirrorless camera is truly the best. It boasts a 50MP sensor, incredible burst modes and amazing autofocus.

The Exmor RS CMOS sensor, which measures 50.1MP in full-frame stacked Exmor RS CMOS, is powered by the innovative Bionz XR engine. This results in outstanding image quality and speed. This unprecedented speed and resolution make Sony’s flagship camera a game-changer.

The a1 has a dynamic range of 15 stops in stills and more than 15 stops in the video. It also boasts a wide ISO 100-32000 sensitivities with an expanded ISO 50-102.400 range. Autofocus and AF tracking are also impressive. The a1 can track and focus on human eyes with approximately 30% more precision than the a9I.

The Alpha 1 combines the best features from Sony’s full-frame camera line into the most powerful round mirrorless camera.

Best Camera for Vlogging: Sony Alpha ZV-E10

The Sony Alpha ZV–E10 is a slim, lightweight, fully-integrated video streaming support for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. It’s our choice for the best vlogging camera of 2021.

The A6100’s 24.2-megapixel sensor is combined with the video-focused features and ZV-1. It records 4K footage at 24 and 30fps, 1080p at 120fps for slow motion, and has the flexibility to use interchangeable lenses.

The new mirrorless camera was designed with vloggers and featured a directional microphone and a touchscreen for easy operation. Although it doesn’t have in-built image stabilization, it offers a combination of lens-based stabilization and electronic IS when in video mode.

Sony’s excellent autofocus system is also available. A Product Showcase Setting also shifts focus from your face towards a product. Vloggers will appreciate the Background Defocus button, allowing you to switch between a blurred and sharp background quickly.

Leica M10 Monochrom Monochrom is the best camera for black and white photography.

You can turn on B&W mode and colour-correct your photos in postproduction. But if you want to explore the art of black-and-white photography, this high-end Leica offering is the best. This is a true digital monochrome camera, and no other full-colour camera can match the exceptional black-and-white photography experience it offers.

This rangefinder camera is specifically designed for monochrome photography. It features all the same features as the M10 but a 40-megapixel true black and white sensor. It captures images in 35mm full-frame format, three times faster than the predecessor.

The combination of an expanded ISO range from 160 to 100,000 and modern tech-like built-in Wi-Fi and touchscreen controls, as well as the ability to pair up with some of the best full-frame lenses in the world (Leica M Lenses), creates an unmatched level of image quality. This includes exceptional sharpness, clarity and resolution in all lighting conditions.

Olympus Tough 6 is the best camera for underwater photography.

You can use any camera or smartphone with underwater housing, but the Olympus Tough is our favourite waterproof tough camera.

This model is waterproof to 50 feet, shock-proof to 7 feet, and freeze-proof to 14 degrees F. It’s also easy to use and can capture raw images at 30fps. You can capture images as close as 1 cm underwater with 5 modes, including HDR and macro photos.

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