Sustainable Guide To Visiting Ningaloo Reef In Western Australia

The highlight of our trip was Ningaloo Reef, Australia. Our most memorable and happy days were spent in Coral Bay, Exmouth. It couldn’t have been more memorable.

It was three wonderful days of sun, swimming in clear water, making friends and swimming with some of the most beautiful underwater animals.

The Ningaloo Reef coast runs for 260km, from Amherst Point south to Coral Bay to Bundegi Beach close to Exmouth Aus. It is one of the most important fringing reefs on the planet, with the Ningaloo Reef sometimes lying just 100m from the coast.

Ningaloo Reef Australia hosts over 200 species of hard coral, 50 species of soft coral, and more than 500 fish species. Manta Rays, turtles and humpback whales also frequent the reef from May to June.

It wasn’t easy to find the best way of enjoying the Ningaloo Reef, Australia’s best. How about Ningaloo Reef accommodation. Do we dive into Ningaloo Reef or Ningaloo snorkelling instead? What are the best spots to snorkel in Ningaloo Reef’s waters? Whale shark tours in Ningaloo are worth it? We had these questions when we planned our trip to Ningaloo Coast, Australia. We’re sure many others are asking the same.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ningaloo Reef Australia

You can visit the Ningaloo Reef Australia year-round. It is known for its beautiful underwater world and warm weather. Although it doesn’t have a rainy season, cyclones can occasionally threaten Ningaloo Reef between December and April. These months are not the best times to visit Exmouth or Coral Bay.

The temperatures can range from up to 37C in summer (December to February) to an average of 20C in winter (June through August). Ningaloo Beach is the most popular destination in winter, as it’s cooler elsewhere. However, the region around Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is still pleasant.

To avoid disappointment, make sure you visit Ningaloo Reef snorkelling to see that particular wildlife species. Ningaloo Reef whale sharks are found in the area from March through June. Manta Rays can also be seen from May through November, while humpback and grey whales can usually be seen from July through November.

How To Access The Ningaloo Reef Australia

You can explore the Ningaloo reef Australia from two great locations: Coral Bay and Exmouth. Depending on your travel style and the type of experience you seek, where you choose to stay or access the reef will depend on how you feel about the Ningaloo Reef Coast.

Coral Bay is family-friendly, while Exmouth is known for its younger holidaymakers.

Things to Do in Ningaloo Reef Australia

Snorkeling Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef Australia is the only place where you can walk straight onto coral reefs. Enjoy the company of colourful fish as they feed between your legs. For those who are new to snorkelling, Coral Bay is a great place. The water is calm and warm and provides great visibility. Ningaloo Reef can be found only 100-200m from the beach. The two most popular spots for snorkelling in Coral Bay are Bill’s Bay and Purdy Point. They can be accessed easily by foot from any hotel in the town. Oyster Bridge or the Lagoon are two options for those who want to explore off-the-beaten-path areas. However, these areas can only be reached by 4WD vehicles or a Coral Bay snorkelling company.

Lakeside is an excellent spot to snorkel for beginners. Exmouth snorkelling tours can explore it. It can be found near the Milyering Visitors Centre. Oyster Stacks are great for fish life. It is best to access it on a high tide or incoming tide.

Exmouth snorkelling is at its best in Turquoise Bay Ningaloo. This was our favourite spot! You can access the beach by the Drift Car Park. Then, you can jump in the water to enjoy a drift snorkel. You will see hundreds of fish, Ningaloo reef sharks and stingrays at this Exmouth snorkelling spot.

Aside from its great snorkelling, Turquoise Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Ningaloo Reef Coast (and Australia). It is known for its turquoise waters and white sands. You will want to spend at most a few hours in this bay.

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