Timmy Ella

Tim was born in La Perouse in 1969, one of twelve children and the youngest boy. His three older brothers, Mark, Gary and Glen were Australian Rugby Union representatives while his sister, Marcia, played for her country in netball. Timmy followed a different path but does possess the similar magic on the Rugby paddock and cricket pitch.


As a young man he involved himself in management of his people and their land. He worked as an Aboriginal Sites Officer in the South Coast region for the Land Council and was made Chairman of the Land Council at twenty-two (22), the youngest person to do so.

Timmy chose a much more traditional life than many in his area, learning the ways of his ancient ancestors from his uncles. He was taught to hunt with Boondi (throwing sticks), spear and boomerang, to gather the fruits and berries and dig for tubers.


His father was a fisherman and he passed on much of his knowledge to his young son, the seasons the fish followed, the methods in which they harvested the schools of bream and mullet that filled Botany Bay. During school holidays Timmy would go 'walkabout' with family and friends, he would camp up and down the east coast from Newcastle in the north to Eden in the south. Never once did Tim forget his origins.


The city was where he was born but the bush and the ocean is where his spirit belongs. Now, as an aging elder of the Yuin people he wishes to become an educator himself, to those that come to Guriwal (La Perouse). He wants to pass on his knowledge to our country's visitors, to all who wish to hear his words.




Grant Hyde

Grant Hyde was born and raised in the beachside suburb of Coogee in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, some 10 kilometres from the La Perouse area.


His father sold his taxi cab and gained a license to become a country Bookmaker and Grant soon found himself living in the New South Wales country town of Dubbo, four hundred (400) kilometres west of Sydney. Here he discovered his love of the bush, camping out and fishing the rivers and dams and exploring the Western Plains with his father and friends.


Four years later he returned to the beach suburb of Maroubra and he replaced his 'swag' for a surfboard. As he grew older, he began travelling up and down the coast surfing the beaches from Bondi to Wollongong. He was an adamant Rugby & Rugby League player and it was here that he came into contact with many Indigineous and Pacific Island players that soon became his good friends.


Being a keen student of history, especially of Australia and the Pacific, he moved to the Kingdom of Tonga for six months where he discovered his calling. It was his interest in human history and his love of the Polynesian people that brought him to complete his first Novel, set in Tonga, "Lords of the Pacific" in 2008.


In 2009 he was awarded 'Best New Talent' at the annual Sassy Writers Awards for 'Lords of the Pacific'. The stand alone sequel, 'Islands of Gold' was released in January 2011 to excellent reviews, the "Melbourne Age" giving it 'Pick of the Week' .


Grant is currently working on his third historical fiction, 'Daniel's Destiny' to completed by early 2014, with his latest tale set in 1806, early Sydney Town. Throughout his extensive research for this latest effort he has developed a desire to share his knowledge with all who wish to learn.


Delivered with good humour and a story teller's skill, Grant will bring the history of Botany Bay to life for all visitors that join him and Timmy on their insightful and educational tours.


"Kadoo Tours were professional, informative, engaging and extremely good with the kids. It was a wonderful learning opportunity...."

David Mugridge. Trinity Grammar School,Summer Hill, Sydney

"I found the tour to be a fantastic introduction to indigenous and bush life. The guides were friendly and......."

Chaim Moshe Ben Naftale Zev

Tel Aviv, Israel

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