Kadoo was my grandmother's name; I am part of her, just as I am part of this sacred land- Tim Ella of the Yuin-Dharawal people


Kadoo Tours is owned and operated by Tim Ella, a member of the Yuin-Dharawal nation and Grant Hyde, local Author and Historian. Come 'walkabout' with them and explore Watsons Bay and La Perouse, let Tim gives you an insight into the oldest surviving culture on Earth.


The Australian Aboriginals were a hunter-gatherer people whose way of life had barely changed for more than 80,000 years. Just as the mighty Ironbark Tree and the possum that dwells in its branches are part of Mother earth you will come to understand how the indigenous people were and are still part of this land. Once you have toured with us you will come to look at the Australian bush and our coastline in a very different way. With Tim, you will learn where his ancestors built their camps, hunted their food and created their tools and works of art. Share a 'yarn' with a true Indigenous story-teller.


Join Kadoo Tours for a trek back to our Stone Age past, to a time when man lived in harmony with the land and sea and the creatures that shared it


Come 'walkabout' with Kadoo.



"Kadoo Tours were professional, informative, engaging and extremely good with the kids. It was a wonderful learning opportunity...."

David Mugridge. Trinity Grammar School,Summer Hill, Sydney

"I found the tour to be a fantastic introduction to indigenous and bush life. The guides were friendly and......."

Chaim Moshe Ben Naftale Zev

Tel Aviv, Israel

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