It’s worth travelling to Europe for the Spring Festivals.

Springtime can be a time of joy and celebration for many. What better way to welcome warmer weather and longer days than by attending one of Europe’s most renowned festivals? There are many to choose from. Some are rich in folkloric traditions, while others are modern and embrace new technologies. No matter what your taste is, the continent has something for you.

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Seville Fair

  • When: May 1 – May 7,
  • Seville (Spanish)

La Feria de Abril, or the Seville Fair, begins at midnight on the Saturday following Easter. The alumbrao is the fair’s opening celebration when the portado (or main entrance) is illuminated. The festival continues for a week, with festival-goers dancing in Seville’s real until dawn.

It began in the middle of the 19th century as a small livestock fair. The fairgrounds are located along the Guadalquivir river. They are filled with casitas, which are individual tents that have been erected for the fair and sponsored by businesses and social clubs. Although most are private, some are open to the public, such as those hosted by political parties and the six Fiesta Mayores. These casitas are representative of the six districts in Seville.

Noto Flower Festival

  • When: May 13th-15th
  • Where? Noto (Italie)

The Infiorata di Noto or Noto Flower Festival’s focal point is a narrow, winding road alongside grand, historic buildings in a small town in southern Sicilian. The design competition begins Friday evening when florists who won gather on Via Nicolaci for a map of their ideas. The floral designers are then charged with creating their visions by dawn on this street and spend the night decorating it with flowers.

The “paintings” of flowers are kept intact for three days. During this time, festival-goers can enjoy many other activities. Baroque Court is the most popular event. This is where hundreds of Noto residents, dressed in period costumes, march through Noto’s streets.

Mendelssohn Festival

  • When: April 9th – 10th
  • Where: Lucerne, Switzerland

The Lucerne Festival is one of the most renowned festivals for classical music around the globe. It’s held every August. From 2022, it will also host a spring classical music festival called the Mendelssohn Festival. The Lucerne Festival Orchestra will present some of its finest pieces under Riccardo Chailly’s careful direction.

The Spring iteration will highlight the contributions of Lower Rhine composers, particularly those of Felix Mendelssohn. Chailly, the orchestra leader, will draw on his years of practice and research into Mendelssohn’s works to curate and inform the program.

Chelsea Flower Show

  • When: May 24-28th
  • Where? London (England)

The Chelsea Flower Show transforms the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s grounds into a springtime paradise for five days every year. The Royal Horticultural Society hosts this annual garden show. It features carefully designed plots by some of the UK’s most talented horticulturalists. These displays are geared towards the avant-garde and showcase the most creative and innovatively curated gardens.

Although the fair dates back to 1912 in its current form, similar shows in the same style were held throughout England in the mid-1800s. The show attracts over 150,000 people each year. It is highly popular, so make sure to reserve your tickets early.

Festa de la Sensa

  • When: May 26, 2005
  • Where? Venice (Italy)

Many cities have a Feast of the Ascension. However, the Venetian version is called Festa Della Sensa and features incredible pageantry that draws in tourists and locals alike. The event begins with a parade starting from Saint Mark Basin and ends with the most important regatta in the region.

Festa de la Sensa’s main attraction is the Wedding Ceremony at the Sea. This is where the Doge (and now the Mayor) marries the city to its seaside counterpart. It involves tossing a golden ring into the ocean.

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