Georgia’s Delicious Local Foods

Georgia, formerly an isolated country, is now undergoing a revival. It lies east of the Black Sea in the Caucasus. They are now attracting many tourists and immigrants with their new investments in infrastructure and generous visa policies.

Georgian culture is based on food and drink. This can be seen in their 8,000-year-old viticulture history and blue tablecloths, which are so integral to local culture that UNESCO granted them material monument status.

Georgians are proud of their culinary achievements but don’t deserve recognition or accolades. They are the result of generations of practising sharing meals.

Georgia was once a stop along the Silk Road. You’ll find the strong influences of Russia, Turkey, Persia and Russia in Georgian cuisine. These international flavours have survived to this day. Although Georgia is a small country, its regional traditions are quite diverse. However, some staple foods reflect their gastronomic traditions.

These are the Georgian foods that you must try if you’re thinking of making your first trip.


Khinkali is perhaps the most well-known and famous Georgian food. They are simple dumplings made from prepared dough wrapped around various fillings.

They are reminiscent of the famous Shanghainese xiao long bao soup dumplings. However, khinkali can be filled with any meat. Once they have been formed, they can be either boiled or frozen for later use.

Georgians are strict about how khinkali should be eaten. They are to be eaten without any preparations, with no hands and just plain salt. The juices must be sipped from the bowl inside immediately after taking the first bite. You can save the stump-like handle at the top for later.


In Georgian cuisine, bread is a serious business. Khachapuri is a favourite. Although there are many variations, they all include some local cheese baked in leavened bread dough. Although it originated in central Georgia, Imeretian Khachapuri is the most widespread and widely available throughout the country. It can be found in restaurants, cafes and street food stalls across the country.

This is the most loved khapurihails variety from Adjara. Large, boat-shaped bread bowls reveal the cheese and egg filling. Like khinkali eating, Georgians shun the idea of eating Khachapuri with utensils and prefer diving in with bare hands.


This delicious and simple bean dish crosses between refried beans and stewed beans. Although the exact recipe may vary from region to country, the basic ingredients of softened kidney beans and herbs are the same across the country.

Lobio can be prepared in a clay pot and served with kidney beans. This allows the flavours to combine fully. To thicken the broth, add ground walnuts or a sour cherry sauce called tkemali. You can also sprinkle it with some parsley before serving. Try it with some made or Georgian cornbread.


A Lesbian is a flat pie filled with mashed and spiced beans. It’s similar to khachapuri and lobio. This simple but delicious bean dish can be prepared in a single pot, unlike its clay-potted counterpart. It’s also portable, so you can eat it wherever you go. You’ll find it in many Georgian bakeries as a quick and easy take-out option for breakfast and lunch.

There are many ways to make it, but a lesbian is most commonly shaped into a flat disc that resembles a pizza. Then, the flat disc can be cut into 6-8 pieces for easy eating. Although most types can be made vegetarian, the northern state Racha makes a delicious version that includes beans and some pork. This version is well-respected in the country as the best.


Georgia is not the only country that has a tomato-based beef stew. This beloved Harcho is loved far beyond Georgia’s borders. It has become a popular dish in the entire former USSR.

Although the actual ingredients may vary today, especially in Russia, where this dish is popular, purists insist that certain key ingredients remain constant: tomato sauce and beef, ground walnuts and Tkemali (a sour sauce made from local plums). This dish is often made with pomegranate juice, herbs and spices and served over rice. Fresh cilantro is also a common addition.a

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