We have connected all the time thanks to the incredible technology we have. My mobile phone is my calendar, camera and to-do list. It also serves as my entertainment, music, entertainment, and diary. It’s easy to connect, but it isn’t hard to see the problem – am I spending too much time on my smartphone? The more connected to technology, the more disconnected from nature we become.

How many hours per day do you spend on your phone? The iPhone has a wonderful little tool that will show you how much screen time you have each day. It will also send you a report at the end of each week to tell you if it is increasing or decreasing. This tool blew my mind the first time I used it. I am guilty of getting lost in the world of Instagram and Facebook instead of taking in the live experience right in front of my eyes.

While traveling, I love not having access to Wi-Fi! It is so amazing to be able to connect to the outside world only when you need it! You can take in beautiful surroundings, learn about new cultures, and connect with locals for the entire day. My phone is used only to take pictures when exploring a new place. It doesn’t change once we return to our routine. It’s so fun to get lost in a new place. I have a bad sense of direction, so it was initially daunting. But once you ask for directions and make new friends along the journey, it becomes one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling.

We don’t have the luxury to travel, so I have compiled my top 5 ways to keep your phone safe while you’re at work. These are my top 5 ways to lock down your phone while on lockdown.


How often do you scroll on your phone and not look at the content? Scrolling on our phones is a waste of time. There’s so much amazing content online that we’re doing a disservice by scrolling blindly. You can set aside certain times throughout the day to use social media. When you log in, you will be engaging with the content you downloaded social media for.


Everyone has a new appreciation of nature and the great outdoors. Take a break from social media and go outside for a morning activity. You can meditate or do yoga in the park or garden to get in a positive mood for the rest of your day. The Headspace app is highly recommended. You can get a free trial or find hundreds of tutorials on Youtube for both. (Using your phone to do guided meditations or yoga does not count, but we recommend it! ).


How often do your friends and family check your phones while out for dinner or drinks? Pre COVID-19, of course. This trick was used by my friends and me when we could dine out outside and have no restrictions on outdoor barbecues. Our goal was to keep our phones off the table for the entire night. If anyone gave in, we would buy the next round of beverages. You can be super social, extremely drunk, or broke during the night.


You can stop annoying vibrations and sounds that encourage you to reach for your phone every day by turning off notifications. This will give you the freedom to choose when to check your phone, much like taking a break from social media in the morning. You can even choose to receive only the most important information, such as work emails and messages from specific contacts.


You don’t have to be a walker to go for a walk in your neighborhood. Stargaze out of your bedroom window at night to marvel at the amazing universe that we live in. You can go for a drive to explore the countryside and a nearby park. If you don’t have a place to camp, you could even consider it. You can also start your own vegetable/herb garden. We have many options to explore new hobbies and connect with nature.

Take care of yourself and find a way for you to disconnect. We’ll all be making memories off the screen when the opportunity to travel presents itself again.


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