Before the pandemic, flying was one of the most loved things in the world. In March 2019, there were 176,000 flights per day in the world. That is an incredible number! Even though the number of flights has decreased dramatically, people will still be eager to board a plane again when it is time.

Many people look forward to travelling to new destinations. However, flying is often something that they fear. You are not the only one who is afraid of flying. We have 8 tips to make your plane trip more enjoyable!


It is important to be comfortable while flying. It’s not worth sitting in tight jeans and leather jackets on a flight. We’ve been there, and we know it’s not worth it. You will feel uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. If you are on a long-haul flight, expect to be restless.

You can make your flight more comfortable by putting on your joggers and a hoodie. You can pack slippers or fluffy socks to make your flight more comfortable. This tip is essential if you want to remember anything about flying. It really can make all the difference.


Some airlines offer in-flight entertainment, but this depends on which airline you fly with. You can check the airline website to see if they have Wi-Fi or an inbuilt screen. You won’t be able to play video games or watch movies if you fly on a budget airline.

This can be avoided by downloading episodes and videos from NetFlix on your smartphone or tablet. This is the best way to speed up your time on long-haul flights. Otherwise, it can be slow.


There are pros and cons to choosing which flight seat you book. Many seats offer extra legroom, so you can choose one with more space if there aren’t any other passengers. You will want to be seated at the back of the plane if you don’t want anyone to sit next to you (which is great because you won’t get the annoying person who loves to kick chairs). These seats are excellent, but they can be very unpleasant.

You will have amazing views if you choose the window seat. However, if you need to use the toilet, you will be climbing over everyone else. This is fine if you’re flying with your family, but it can make you feel uncomfortable sitting next to strangers. The aisle seat is great for when you have to use the toilet. You also have more legroom. But, you’ll be the one who gets clambered on by the people next to you. There are no benefits to sitting in the middle of the seat. The aisle and window seats have downsides, but it is better to choose one than the middle seat. There are many things to consider when choosing a seat for a plane trip.

BRING AN ON-Flight Hygiene Kit

Nothing is worse than feeling stale halfway through a flight. Your hygiene kit is a must-have! No matter how long or short the flight, having toiletries on hand can be more pleasant.

You should bring some things to help you feel less like a zombie when you board your flight. You should pack face wipes, especially if you’re flying at night. You can also pack chewing gum and mints to replace the time it takes to clean your teeth. A small hairbrush helps tie your hair. It would help if you also packed deodorant, or at the very least somebody sprayed. This is a great way to feel fresh during flight.


Aircon can be intense and cold on planes, as we all know. Some airlines offer blankets for free, while others charge a fee. It is good to bring your blanket if you have the room.

It will be a huge help to have a large hoodie or blanket you can wrap around yourself with. It’s easy to become chilly on a flight, so this is something you should avoid. You will also find it easier to fall asleep if you have something that you can wrap around your body.

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