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On the northern headland of Botany Bay is a land the native people once called Guriwal, "Whale". Today we know it as La Perouse. To the north, at the  other end of the Eastern Surburbs, is Woo-la-ra, or South Head.


Come Walkabout with Kadoo at Watsons Bay & La Perouse.


'Kadoo indigenous and historical tours' invites you to join us for a unique cultural experience on Sydney's doorstep. Watsons Bay is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Sydney's CBD while La Perouse is fourteen kilometres (9miles) by road from the city centre.


These are special places where the bush meets the sea, where you can experience a world that existed long before Europeans came to these shores. A land of pristine beaches, magnificent waterways and virgin bush, a place the 'salt water people' of this land called home.


Watch this to see what we are all about: youtu.be/Gi-QcOZKoeY








"Kadoo Tours were professional, informative, engaging and extremely good with the kids. It was a wonderful learning opportunity...."

David Mugridge. Trinity Grammar School,Summer Hill, Sydney

"I found the tour to be a fantastic introduction to indigenous and bush life. The guides were friendly and......."

Chaim Moshe Ben Naftale Zev

Tel Aviv, Israel

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