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On the northern headland of Botany Bay is a land the native people once called Guriwal, "Whale", in their tongue. Today we know it as La Perouse.


'Kadoo indigenous and historical tours' invites you to join us for a unique cultural experience on Sydney's doorstep. Let us take you to a destination steeped in the history of our indigenous and colonial past that is just fourteen kilometres (9miles) from the city centre.


Guriwal is a special place where the bush meets the sea, where you can experience a world that existed long before the white man came to these shores. A land of pristine beaches, magnificent waterways and virgin bush, a place the 'salt water people' of this land called home.


Guriwal is the birthplace of a nation.


Watch this to see what we are all about: youtu.be/Gi-QcOZKoeY






"Kadoo Tours were professional, informative, engaging and extremely good with the kids. It was a wonderful learning opportunity...."

David Mugridge. Trinity Grammar School,Summer Hill, Sydney

"I found the tour to be a fantastic introduction to indigenous and bush life. The guides were friendly and......."

Chaim Moshe Ben Naftale Zev

Tel Aviv, Israel

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